CASEMANS 2008 - The 2nd International Workshop on Context-Awareness for Self-Managing Systems (Devices, Applications and Networks), Sydney, Australia


You may download the technical program Here

List of Accepted Papers

  • Conversational Attitude-aware Behavioral Design for Robot Assistant Combined with Video Communication
  • Tomoko Yonezawa, Hirotake Yamazoe, Yuichi Koyama, Shinji Abe and Kenji Mase.

  • Formalising Policies of a mLearning System using CCA
  • Mohammed Al-Sammarraie, Francois Siewe and Hussein Zedan

  • Challenges in Ubiquitous Context Recognition with Personal Mobile Devices
  • Marcus Handte, Umer Iqbal, Wolfgang Apolinarski and Pedro Marron.

  • Placement Variations and their Diagnosis
  • Waltenegus Dargie and Alexander Schill

  • A Cost Model for Autonomic Reconfigurations in High-Performance Pervasive Applications
  • Carlo Bertolli, Gabriele Mencagli and Marco Vanneschi

  • Activity Recognition of the Elderly
  • Matti Pouke, Seamus Hickey, Tomohiro Kuroda and Haruo Noma

  • Modular Context Processing and Provisioning – Prototype Experiences
  • Michael Knappmeyer, Saad Liaquat Kiani, Nigel Baker and Ralf Tönjes

  • Distributed adaptive expectation aware in-network context processing
  • Stephan Sigg and Michael Beigl

    Short Papers

  • A study on ubiquitous system for collecting barrier-free information of evacuation center for wheelchair users
  • Noriaki Kuwahara, Masaharu Nishiura, Yuto Shiomi, Kazuari Morimoto, Youko Iwawaki and Naoko Nishida

  • Context Aware Architecture for Sending Adaptive HELLO Messages in VANET
  • Moath Al-Doori, Ali Al-Bayatti and Hussein Zedan