CASEMANS 2008 - The 2nd International Workshop on Context-Awareness for Self-Managing Systems (Devices, Applications and Networks), Sydney, Australia

Welcome to CASEMANS 2010

update! Submission Deadline Extended to June 30, 2010 !!

Autonomic execution of services is one of the features of context-aware computing. The service execution may take place inside a simple mobile device, a stand-alone application, a middleware, a network of all size and type; or a physical smart environment. The main idea here is to provide these systems with rich context information to undertake intelligent decision-making. Participation or intervention in the decision-making process by users or administrators of the systems is required only when it is absolutely needed. The intelligent decision making may refer to: (1) providing timely information to the user; (2) protecting the system from a systematic attack or intrusion; (3) updating and configuring relevant software so that it can function optimally; and (4) reconfiguring a system when some internal and external settings (policies) change.

Apparently, the above aspects bring together two research areas, namely, autonomic computing and context-aware computing. Whereas these two areas are complementary, so far, vital research issues pertaining to context-aware computing and autonomic computing have been addressed independently.

The main aim of this workshop is to build a bridge between these two areas by fostering discussions and collaborations among researchers and practitioners of these two areas. We are particularly interested in investigating context and self-adaptive behaviours.

This year, we are planning to make casemans 2010 very attractive by introducing three paper sessions: (1) full papers session; (2) short papers session; and (3) demonstrables. The full papers session focuses on papers with solid research result. The short papers session (4 to 6 pages) will focus on visionary, insightful, critical and even controversial papers that encourage further research. The demonstrables are very short papers (not more than 2 pages) and can be accompanied by demos, attractive posters or videos that show aspects of context-awareness and autonomic service executions.


Broadly speaking, the scope of the workshop can be described by the following terms:
  • Context-awareness and cloud computing
  • Context-awareness and energy-efficient computing
  • Context-awareness and smart spaces
  • Context-awareness and service oriented computing
  • context-awareness and wireless sensor networks
  • Context-awareness and social networking
  • Context-awareness and robotics
  • Context-awareness and efficient multimedia content distribution
  • Adaptive and context-based multimodal interaction
  • Information for Authors

    The workshop proceedings will be published by the ACM (ISBN: 978-1-4503-0213-5) and will be indexed accordingly. The electronic version of the proceedings will be made available online at the ACM Digital Library. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the ACM Proceedings format. Please visit the ACM template website. All paper submissions will be handled electronically by the Easychair. Note that submission is a two-stage process - authors need to register their paper first and then submit the final manuscript. Submissions must be in Adobe PDF format and conform to the guidelines specified here.