WiMOB 2008

HWN-RQM 2008

Accepted Papers

  • A Wireless Mesh Test bed with Application for Emergency Response: Raheleh Dilmaghani (University of California, San Diego, US); Ramesh Rao (University of California at San Diego, US)
  • A Game Theoretic Approach to Optimize the Performance of Host-Based IDS: Hadi Otrok (Concordia University, CA)
  • Power Performance Measure for QOS Service Management in mixed networks: Yacob Astatke (Morgan State University, US); Dean Richard (Morgan State University, US)
  • Power-Efficient Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks under Coverage Constraint: Ali Chamam (Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, CA); Samuel Pierre (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, CA)
  • The Performance of Uplink Real-Time Traffic over a 3G Network: Ana Goulart (Texas A&M University, US); Wei Zhan (Texas A&M University, US)