WiMOB 2008

HWN-RQM 2008

Welcome to HWN-RMQ 2008

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We have received more than 20 papers; 17 of them were peer-reviewed, and only six of them were accepted for presentation. Acceptance rate was: 35%


The fourth generation (4G) of wireless communications is expected to integrate a potentially large number of different heterogeneous wireless technologies in what could be considered a huge step forward towards universal wireless access and omnipresent computing through seamless mobility. Even though 4G standard is currently not defined, there are many current outlooks that delineate the vision of the new wireless technologies. Based on the emergent trends of mobile communication, 4G will have larger bandwidth, higher data rates, smoother and quicker handoff and will focus on guaranteeing faultless service and seamless handoff across a multitude of wireless networks. The key concept is integrating the 4G capabilities with all of the existing mobile technologies. Special maneuvers will be necessary amongst different access systems in terms of horizontal (intrasystem) and vertical (inter-system) handoff as well as seamless mobility, Quality of Service (QoS), dependability and security. In this workshop, we solicit high quality papers from leading researchers that present state-of-the-art research in heterogeneous wireless networks dealing with resource management techniques and QoS provisioning.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Interworking with 2.5G, 3G, and other wireless networks
  • QoS provisioning for heterogeneous wireless networks
  • End-to-End QoS Architectures
  • Location, Mobility and Handoff Management
  • Seamless vertical handoff techniques between different wireless networks
  • Network selection criteria
  • Resource management/allocation
  • Bandwidth adaptation
  • Power control and management
  • Load, admission, and flow control
  • Architecture design alternatives for heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Performance analysis and experimentation of heterogeneous wirelessnetworks
  • Pricing and billing issues
  • Security techniques and methods for heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Heterogeneous wireless networks applications and measurements
  • Simulation study of heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Scalability of heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Implementation and testbed experiments
  • Standardization activities for heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Heterogeneous multi-hop wireless networks