PMECT 2009

HWN-RQM 2008

Technical program

Large-scale Networks (9:00 – 10:40)

  • Measurements and Analysis of M/M/1 and M/M/c Queuing Models of the SIP Proxy Server
  • Sureshkumar Subramanian (CISCO, US); Rudra Dutta (North Carolina State University, US)

  • Bounding Queuing Delay in a Router Based on Superposition of N MMBP Arrival Process
  • Lee Booi Lim (Loughborough University, UK); Lin Guan (Loughborough University, UK); Iain Phillips (Loughborough University, UK); Xingang Wang (University of Plymouth, UK); Irfan Awan (University of Bradford, UK)

  • Proportional Fairness Optimization based Resource Allocation with Minimum Bit Rate Guarantee in a Multiuser OFDMA System
  • Nararat Ruangchaijatupon (Graduate University for Advanced Studies, JP); Yusheng Ji (National Institute of Informatics, JP)

  • Evaluation of the Performance of spontaneously deployed, Independent Networks
  • Ivan Gudymenko (Technische Universität Dresden, DE); Waltenegus Dargie (Technische Universität Dresden, DE); Alexander Schill (Dresden University of Technology, DE)

    Network Access (11:00 – 12:40)

  • Validation of a Traffic-Based CAC Method under General Channel Holding Time
  • Natalia Vassileva (Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), ES); Francisco Barcelo-Arroyo (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), ES)

  • Admission Control in Networks with Prioritized Advance Reservation
  • Chongyang Xie (University of New Mexico, US); Nasir Ghani (University of New Mexico, US)

  • Refining Elusive User Registration Patterns for Empirical Mobility Models
  • Jinpyo Hong (Korea University, KR); Hwangnam Kim (Korea University, KR)

  • Stochastic Timing Analysis of the AES Cipher Algorithm over a Correlated Fading Channel
  • Kyungtae Kang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US); Dong Kun Noh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US)

    Signalling and storage (14:00 – 15:40)

  • Criticisms of modelling packet traffic using long-range dependence
  • Richard Clegg (University College London, UK); Raul Landa (University College London, UK); Miguel Rio (UCL, UK)

  • Reliability Analysis of IMS Signaling Networks
  • Maurizio Guida (University of Salerno, IT); Maurizio Longo (University of Salerno, IT); Fabio Postiglione (University of Salerno, IT)

  • Exploring Gate-Limited Analytical Models for High Performance Network Storage Servers
  • Glenford Mapp (EIS, Middlesex University, UK); Dhawal Thakker (Middlesex University, UK); Orhan Gemikonakli (Middlesex University, UK)

  • A Quantization Based Approach to Energy Aware Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Network with Load Balancing
  • Tony Johri (ABV IIITM, Gwalior, india, IN)

    Wireless sensor networks (16:00 – 17:40)

  • Analysis of Time and Frequency Domain Features of Accelerometer Measurements
  • Waltenegus Dargie (Technische Universität Dresden, DE)

  • A Localization Algorithm for Nonuniform Propagation Environments in Sensor Networks
  • Noriaki Kitakoga (Keio University, JP); Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio University, JP)

  • A Novel Routing Algorithm based on Ant Colony System for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Guan Xin (Keio University, JP); Lin Guan (Loughborough University, UK); Xingang Wang (University of Plymouth, UK); Tomoaki Ohtsuki (Keio University, JP)

  • Maximizing the Amount of Data Collected by Solar Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Dong Kun Noh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US)