PMECT 2009

PMECT 2010

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There is a growing interest in the convergence of wired networks and wireless access systems and networks. Particularly, development in wireless communication technologies and mobile networks has posed various challenges in the field of performance modeling. These challenges require effective performance evaluation tools, techniques and methodologies to design new protocols and robust solutions before a global and wide-scale integrated broadband infrastructure of convergent multi-service networks can be established towards the next generation of network with efficient support of multimedia applications. As a result, performance modeling and evaluation has gained increasing importance. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an international forum for researchers and industry practitioners to present their state-of-art research on performance modeling and evaluation studies in all aspects of computer and telecommunication networks and to exchange ideas and explore new avenues of collaborations.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Energy model of wireless networks and protocols
  • Performance modeling of TCP/IP, Wireless TCP, wireless IP computer networks
  • Performance modeling and analysis of reliability, Quality of Service (QoS)and performance guarantees
  • Performance-oriented design and analysis methods
  • Performance measurements in real testbed
  • The effect on performance of admission control and congestion control protocols
  • Performance modeling of Security Protocol and System in low layers and high layers
  • Performance issues in Wireless Video, Wireless Multimedia, Wireless Streaming
  • Performance engineering tools, e.g. for tracing and workload characterization
  • Traffic characterization for wired and wireless
  • Performance modeling of Quality of Service provisioning in wired and wireless networks
  • Performance modeling of Routing Algorithms, multicast routing in wireless networks
  • Performance analysis and modelingof security techniques and methods for heterogeneous wireless networks